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First of all, Aulac Coffee thank customers for using our products during the past years. Au Lac Coffee and customers wish you ever growing and more prosperous.

Coffee Cafe Au Lac do our utmost creativity, innovative thinking, learn and understand market needs to produce more valuable products according to the requirements of development of social life and the increasing demand rich, diverse customers.


Vietnamese Iced Coffee
25.12.2015 11:02
For our third cold coffee how to of 2011, we're going to focus a bit on styles of cold coffee served in the far east, but not from Japan, land of the iced coffee towers. There's an iced coffee ...
Climate for Growing Arabica Coffee Beans
25.12.2015 10:59
For growing Arabica coffee beans, there are two optimal growing climates: The subtropical regions, at high altitudes of 16-24° (Illy, 21). Rainy and dry seasons must be well defined, and ...
Brazil Arabica Coffee Output May Fall 7% in 2012-13
25.12.2015 10:58
Production of arabica beans in Brazil, the world’s biggest coffee grower, may fall 7 percent in the season starting in July from the previous high-yielding year, according to Sao Paulo-based Archer ...
pH’s Coffee – Ca Phe Take Away Viet Nam
25.12.2015 10:56
Take Away Cafe is famous around the world with many different recipes. Imagine a drink with a combination of fresh cream, red reishi, natural flavors and special coffees originating from Canada - Organo Gold Coffee. All blended together recipes from...
Vietnamese coffee: slow and relaxed
25.12.2015 10:40
For Italians, coffee is the object of national pride, but we are not the only ones unrestrained in its use, and nor are we the only ones who know how to make it. Unexpectedly, last night at the Appartamento Milan Brera, thanks to a lesson in...