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First of all, Aulac Coffee thank customers for using our products during the past years. Au Lac Coffee and customers wish you ever growing and more prosperous.

Coffee Cafe Au Lac do our utmost creativity, innovative thinking, learn and understand market needs to produce more valuable products according to the requirements of development of social life and the increasing demand rich, diverse customers.

About us

Dear Customer !

Beans is like the jewel that endowed man. Vietnam is one of the nation's leading coffee producing world but a sad thing is that this long our Vietnamese people enjoy coffee majority not literally true.

Lots of coffee on the market today is mixed with just under 30% real coffee, others are corn, roasted soybeans fire, industrial chemicals make flour, antibiotics produce bitter, synthetic coffee flavor created as the press has reported recently. These are carcinogens that everyday we still put the body in a coffee drinking habit "not clean" this longstanding.

Very wrong notion that coffee should be black thui, water must be comparable, embraced rock candy, smell concentration anonymously, dismissively. Coffee true selves colored cockroach wings, while viewed under sunlight. Coffee aroma gentle, charming, characteristic. This very bitter coffee mixed with sour ethereal lightness and refinement.

To drink coffee because of health problems, experience the true essence of true coffee, company shares Aulac Asia has developed products completely pure coffee. With technological know-processing, pure coffee flavor created Aulac, pure aroma, unique.

Vietnam Coffee - Coffee First Loss !
Office1 : Team 7E, Hoa An Ward, Cam Le District, Da Nang
Office2 :  28A Tong Van appointment, Ward 15, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh
Hotline: 0906564180 to 0984598378
Email: capheaulac@gmail.com

Au Lac is drinking coffee will help you with the "interesting experience with real coffee," and more importantly it is because of "health security" during which food waste, hazardous're surrounded around us.